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About Us

We are inspiring, celebrating, and equipping more young people to use their time, talent, ideas, voice, and resources to create positive change with real-world application in their communities. We are there to help you as you embrace your leadership role. Honorees will not only receive a scholarship award but will become part of the Our Bright World network of individuals and teams of young people who are committed to being leaders in being changemakers and who value unity, inclusion, and social betterment.

Honorees are also connected to leaders, thinkers, and doers across public policy, business, academic, and elsewhere who are helping tackle some of our world’s toughest issues. Through their engagement, advice, and often collaboration, they can help you bring your idea, concept, project, or venture to light and help fuel the innovative solutions you are pursuing. Working with experts, we help bridge ideation and design with testing and implementing your ideas with real-world application. With our platform, we also will assist honorees with outreach and engagement to gain the support of others who can help you.

Your solutions will be reviewed by a diverse panel of distinguished judges who will determine the honorees.

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“The most creative, uninhibited, open-minded age group in society is teenagers. We encourage them to invent and innovate things of community-changing significance.” —Lauren Bartel, founder and president of Our Bright World