About Us

Your Ideas Matter

Are you a teenager with an idea that will change your community or the world? Our Bright World connects students and leaders, bringing your ideas to life, and celebrating the best of those that have real-world application and solutions.

We support higher education for students within our organization by offering scholarship opportunities on a rolling basis. We work with business leaders and educators to provide mentoring, guidance, and support for teenagers who want to bring their amazing ideas to reality. Innovation, creation, and projects by teenagers like you can make a real difference in the world.

Our Bright World was carefully named. “Our” describes a sense of community and togetherness, “bright” is a belief in hope, light, and intellect to address issues, and “world” is the scope of people, places, and things where we can have an impact.

“The teeanage age group is an untapped source of amazing ideas, limitless energy, and untapped potential. If we can not only help channel this to address critical issues facing society and the planet, but also help adults appreciate, support, and deploy young people’s intellectual and relational energy to address these issues, we can do amazing things together.” -Lauren Bartel