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Submit Your Idea for Support, to Connect with Mentors or Sponsors, and for Scholarship Consideration

Are you ready to collaborate with others to bring your innovative idea to reality? Our Bright World is an exciting opportunity to not only change the world but to build lasting connections, encourage each other, and recognize the accomplishments that positively impact the world around us. 

Our areas of focus:

  • Environment, resources, and sustainability
  • Science, health, and technology
  • Social innovation, justice, and change
  • Public integrity, trust, and access

Your idea, invention, or innovation must be original.

It must have real-world application for a community, region, country, or globally.

It must be a program or project that has the potential to be implemented and actionable.

Here are just some examples of some specific topics within our areas of focus that are top-of-mind today:

  • Climate protection for a coastal community
  • Habitat preservation and wildlife protection of a species or ecosystem in a region
  • Water security for a particular population center
  • Reducing racial, ethnic, or gender bias and discrimination within a community or society
  • Distribution of vaccines or health care products across a particular area
  • Building a more resilient community against fires or floods
  • Harnessing, generating, and distributing energy is a more clean and efficient way
  • Developing mechanisms and platforms to hold public officials more accountable for their words and deeds
  • Ensuring truth and access to truth in marketing and advertising products that have health and safety implications

Ultimately, we believe—we know—that teenagers have wonderful ideas, inventions, and innovations that can change the world for the better if they were only harnessed, supported, and recognized. That is why Our Bright World exists. We believe in a bright future for our world and the planet on which we live.

How To Apply

We’re always accepting applications and look forward to the new opportunities and impacts your thoughts will bring to your community, society, and the world. However, it’s essential to have everything you need to make the process as smooth as possible before you apply. Visit our application page to find more information about what you will need to complete your submission accurately.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Our Bright World. Once you apply, our team will be in touch with you to discuss the next steps.